Day 15- When I had a bad day, and take steps to have a better day tomorrow.

April 1, 2020


The high point of this morning was sitting on Katy’s bed watching her do homework.
It was not the best of days, though I will forever be grateful to Katy for letting me sit on her bed and watch her do homework.
I made a short list of what I’m going to do differently tomorrow-

I will not skip meditation to check out Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter feed.
I’m going to shower. And use moisturizer. I might even blow-dry my hair. Actually, there is no way I’m going to blow dry my hair. I will comb my hair.
I will not stalk my daughter. I would like to have a relationship with her when this is done.
I will do yard work. I might even plant something.
I will not watch Criminal Minds or the British Baking Show. Psychokillers make me stressed and pastry makes me hungry. I’m stressed and hungry enough. There’s some show about glassblowing Katy is excited about.
I can read a book.

These are my tiny goals for tomorrow, and I’m hopeful.

Today took me by surprise, I have followed all the advice- I spend time outdoors, I exercise, I talk to friends, I work as much as I can. I wake up at 7, I put on clothes.

I never thought I would share on Facebook that I get dressed each morning, and regard it as an accomplishment.

Strange times, my friends.


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